the sun and the moon (_yelena_) wrote in the_polaroids,
the sun and the moon

To whom it may concern...

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I'm so sad shipping is $25 on everything, including the film! :(
Hi there. No it's not standard shipping. It would just take me a lot of time to weight each item separately and calculate a woldwide and european shipping... I mentioned at the bottom of each auction that you can ask me for shipping calculation. Small items can be send in a letter, that's cheaper than a parcel. And shipping varies for different countries, for example Europe is separated into zones and for everything else there is worldwide shipping category (which is mentioned on eBay).
But you have a point. I should customize the shipping cost for all separate items. It confuses people. Sending film in a letter Worldwide would cost between 1,90 and 7,85 dollars depending on the weight. This considers the currently listed films. Lowest prise fro 1x 110 film and highest for the 5x of 120 black & white. But I'll go edit everything I can now.