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The Polaroids
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This is, of course, a community to post your polaroids. Manipulated, transferred or freshly scanned, feel free to post them and have fun! Just remember that as a member you are required to follow the guidelines of the community. It's not hard to do at all.

  • Post only your own work. If you want to share someone else's photography with the community, please do so by providing a link to their journal or website.

  • As usual, respect other people by using the lj-cut for nudes, multiple images, or large images. When in doubt, use an lj-cut.

  • Do try and stay on topic.

  • No fake/digital polaroids.

  • As far as criticism goes, keep it constructive. Nothing like, "These photos suck." I bet you suck, too.

  • Image hosting is available from many places. photobucket gives you an account, tinypic and imageshack are both really easy to use but do not give you accounts to organize your stuff in. Up to you, really. I use all three.

  • Look through memories, please. I strongly suggest you read through things at http://polaroid.com and http://landlist.org. You may still have to come back here to answer your specific question, but you'll be learning a lot about different cameras, films, and neat things to do with the photos after they're out of the camera.

  • Feel free to post links to zines, cool collectives, and places to share or submit work. community promos better be related, though.

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IMPORTANT SX70 INFO: http://www.polaroid.com/sx70/en/index.html